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Footjob gone trampling

He knew he had it coming when he was browsing through the filth mag. Spreading the legs was his way to beg for ballbusting attention. Watch the infuriated mistress deliver the hardest footjob ever, so hard it was all squeezing and trampling.

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Tied and pulled

Nothing shows total submission better than lying down and letting your mistress do whatever she pleases with your sorry sack. And she has things to do for sure. Watch this exquisite crotch abuse scene with ropes, kicking and pulling involved.

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Sending him flying

Watch out, this bitch is one muscular thunder storm. As if some pretty strong trampling and stomping wasn’t enough! She makes her slave help her put the gorgeous shoes on and then sends him flying with a powerful and brutal kick in the nuts.

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Punished with boots

These black leather boots look so dangerous and beautiful you are dying to start licking them right away. The mistress has different things on her mind though. Gasp as she slams the tight leather boots straight in your sack, making you twist in agony.

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Kicked and pinned

Nothing gets him ready for raw ballbusting action then the piercing touch of clothespins. She wants to hurt his sack so bad she rips through his underwear and covers his pulsing nut sack in pins. After that, time to kick some soft meat!

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